Synopsis from our Lean Construction Institute of Canada presentation at the 2019 Annual Conference:

Marquardt Mechanical's Lean Digitization presentation will share how a construction trade partner is utilizing Lean principles, tools, and technology to enable a lean culture across its remote construction projects. The presenters will share how they are leveraging standard work, tiered accountability, and digital applications to transform their company's culture. The discussion will include the successes, challenges, and failures to implement lean as a small piece of a complex construction supply chain that is slow to adopt lean. This presentation summarizes the company’s journey of connecting the everyday on-site construction standard work activities to the "big picture" strategic objectives of the mechanical contracting company.


  • Where to start your lean journey

  • How to develop a training plan to train and drive lean tools and behaviors

  • How to develop standard work and implement

  • How to use a tiered management system to drive accountability and enable coaching that will foster Lean behaviors