Last Planner® Pull Planning Systems are used on all projects.


Marquardt Mechanical’s Lean Construction Greenbelt Training

(Learn & Go-Do)


Lean Construction is a collaborative system that improves cost, schedule, and quality1. Marquardt Mechanical began its Lean Journey in 2012 and is committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement for our customers, company, and employees. We deploy various lean construction tools across our projects and organization; including the Last Planner System, 5S, Visual Management, Tiered Accountability, Standard Work, Prefabrication, Lean Design, and strategic Hoshin Kanri Planning. In addition to having a certified Lean Construction Consultant with 15 years international experience, we have several externally certified Lean practitioners2, and have deployed a 42 hour internal training program for all office and front-line leaders that aligns to Lean Construction Institute of Canada’s Lean Practitioner Requirements.


Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is more than just a contract, it is a collaborative approach to discovery, design, construction, operations, and maintenance. Marquardt Mechanical has used an integrated design and construction approach since we initially ventured into design build construction during the 1980s. Regardless of the contract delivery model, collaborating with consultants, subcontractors and suppliers to investigate value enhancing opportunities for our customers is part of our Start-Up process in every project. Estimating pre-assemblies, BIM or isometric installation drawings, and component prefabrication are used whenever possible to reduce waste on repetitive installations. Marquardt Mechanical has institutionalized Pull Planning, Weekly Work Planning, Daily Accountability Tier Meetings, Visual Management and Comprehensive Standard Work into all of our projects.